e-commerce , There are Two Big different ways to develop the online shopping mall.
We will not mention here about Site Builder. The reason is they are getting so much restrictions for custom develops the program. So We won’t recommend.

Let me tell you about if you take advantage of the opensource as the main base.

Opensource is a main base is located for online shopping mall website. There exist a number of opensource solutions As mentioned above. Therefore, It is most important to make decision which solution base would be choose.

It is process standardization for E-commerce already, but each solutions has each different pros and cons.

When selecting issues that do not fit on you, The problems never let you leave till the end.
e-commerce is similar to a long distance Marathon. If you are running with the shoes does not fit,It will be very difficult to get to the finish line.

Why Ezzypzzy Choose Opencart ?
Opencart is very light and Fast.


It means Time and Money.

It can reduce your operating costs and faster job processing because it operates without difficulty even into cheaper hosting plan.

If used website with based on Magento, should be able to know that is a big advantages for using opencart.

This is due to differences in structure design, They maintain Minimum MVC but Simple. In other way It will be weakness but it is offset by Speedy and fast working.
What is MVC?


MVC organization is trend in these days. MVC means Model-View-Controller, Simple explain what are those three words means as follows:
Lots of extensions and Reduction for work time.


It is easy to add additional functions through own Marketplace. In addition, there's lot of developers made additional functions to distribute or selling and has a lively discussions for that. Naturally other Solutions managed there own market and it has additional functions too.

What is Extension?


Let's say Opensourse as a person, It is like a naked man. We must wear clothes, and We need several necessary parts like cellphons and etc.. for a living. It is called Extension.
In Extension, Created the basic necessary parts in one set, It called Theme. To this extent, It is possible to do If someone can installed by self.
But even you bought Theme and installed, each person has different personalities and sensibilities. so they might looking for different types of extensions to install, from this moment! lots of problems come up.
The commomly most happen is crashed between Extensions. One solution tried to make minimize that happens it called Magento. But still it didn't help internally.

For all solutions, this problem is inescapable fact and It can get solved by Developer. To determine the cause and resolve the conflict to find parts will cost occurs. In case of Opencart, easily can find cause and resolve the conflict,and also possible to modify extension. It's because Opencart has a relatively simple structure.

In a large percentage of cases, unsatisfied with Exstension it self. they want to change the Designs atleast. for that things, opencart can reduct work time and customize what ever you want.

As referred to earlier, no one can avoid crashed between Extensions, I'll not recommand Installed by self.

Please Request develop in One place from the start to End.
Designer & Developer friendly


It's simple but specific structure, so Designer and developer can easily working seperately. and also has a remarkable accessibility.

it related straight to reduction time and cost.


Normally, when you select the solution best thing is to just accept that without using add additional functions. but there's no shopping mall rarely to use.

Because it does not provide all the functionality required.

this is limit for Opensource that Both offer common capabilities to use and is not specific to a particular industry sector.Therefore, taking into account the characteristics of the company will install the Extension or Customize through the source changes. Similarly, additional features to fit what you want listed in the MarketPlace with a similar principle , but do not be 100% satisfied.

by virtue of Flexible development structure, not only shopping mall, company website, bullutin boards..etc..create add-on has no relation at all with the most easy to incorporating easiest structure to combine.

That is the biggest reason we chosen Opencart. There's no other can possible to make what customer's want it with fast and low cost. also Our Developers are master of opencart , there shouldn't be able to say "No I Can't"
Multi Language


Excellent in to configure a multilingual website. Always Free to implement changing set and easy to create a set of multilingual contents through a CMS




No matter what solution, I recommend that you choose the easy maintenance.Companies listed as the most developed companies often do not have problem-solving skills. they except request even they can't solve the things with only installed level. It is way different ability between Install person's ability and Developers ability, confusing will suffer a big problem for maintenance.

For example, if suddenly encounter a problem with the site, the difference is revealed. It must persone that can tell you where incurred from, server environment and even analysis for source code and levels.

This is not for specially solution, This is totally up to Management Firms. We usually do own Extension Development. and also possible working Modification as an open cart. If you try to meet any other company, you should know what is the main solution for them.

Verification how well they working with their main solution before start request.

If companies do best maintenance company it would somehow work with homegrown solutions.

But even if company has there own solutions, I'll not recommand It's because just in case developers moved, some reason updates not povided for long time, or it is not trendy or If lack of scalability for Design and program.

It is important to choose the solution that is best suited to you.



Simple reason Why Ezzypzzy Choose Opencart.
We can develope best by using opencart, and It can make the greatest satisfaction at the lowest cost.
Can't say It is the Best solution, But "Ezzypzzy" Can develope the optimal solution for each individual.

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